Clinical Advisory Panel

Clinical Advisory Panel

It has been the policy of the Diocese of Camden for nearly 20 years to pay for treatment and professional counseling for anyone who claims to have been abused by one of its priests or employees.  This has always been offered without any pre-conditions.  The diocese is provided with the credentials of the counselor, an initial diagnosis and prognosis, as well as periodic updates as to the course of the treatment.

This program is overseen by the diocese's Clinical Advisory Panel which will conduct periodic assessments to ensure that the person seeking treatment is in the hands of a competent professional who has undertaken a course of treatment that is addressing the individual's needs and is focused on the effects of sexual abuse.

Panel Members

  • Robert Crawford, Ed.D.
  • Nancy Rocereto, ACSW
  • Julie Ann Lipman, Psy.D.

"In order to assure the work of the Victims Assistance Coordinator adequately and thoroughly address[es] the needs of the victims of abuse , a Victim Assistance Board should be established. This Board will be charged with the responsibility of conducting regular reviews with the Victims Assistance Coordinator of whatever help was being provided to those who had been victimized. This Board would also provide a vehicle whereby there could be a permanent and independent source of advocacy for victims."

--Recommendations of the Committee to Review the Policies of the Diocese of Camden for the Protection of Children.